Corporate Profile
                      Company Structure
                      Management Team
                      Contact Us
                      Management Team
                      Executive DirectorsNon-Executive DirectorsIndependent Non-Executive Directors
                      Mr. ZHANG Xin (Chairman)
                      Mr. ZHANG Ye
                      Mr. LI Minghua
                      Mr. CHEN Qianzheng
                      Mr. ZHOU Yuan
                      Mr. SHEN Tao
                      Mr. CHENG Yuk Wo
                      Mr. PUN Tit Shan
                      Mr. Chen Jihua
                      Senior Management
                      Mr. Shi Yu
                      Ms. Lv Qing
                      Ms. Yang Xiao Yan
                      Mr. Cheng Bincai
                      Mr. Zhao Wei
                      Mr. Gu Xiaolei
                      Ms. Huang Jin
                      Mr. Yin Xiao Yu


                        Executive Directors

                      Mr. Zhang Xin Chairman
                      ZHANG Xin is an executive director and the chairman of the board of the Company. Mr. Zhang is primarily responsible for the overall management, major decision-making, strategic planning and business development of the Group. Mr. Zhang joined the Group in January 1995, and was appointed as an executive Director and the Chairman of the Board on 23 June 2008 and 23 March 2015 respectively. He has over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry. Mr. Zhang has been the vice president of the China Packaging Federation since November 2011. Mr. Zhang received a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Machinery Processing from Nanchang Institute of Aeronautical Technology (now known as Nanchang Hangkong University) in 1983 and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Southeastern China in 2002. In 2005, Mr. Zhang was awarded the Governmental Special Allowance by the State Council of the PRC for his outstanding contributions to the development of engineering technology in the PRC. He is a senior engineer.


                      Mr. Zhang Ye Executive Director
                      ZHANG Ye is appointed as an executive Director on 22 December 2016. He is primary responsible for the daily operation and management of the Group. Mr. Zhang joined the Group in April 1995, and had served as sales manager, sales director, general manager of the subsidiaries of the Company, assistant to the General Manager, deputy General Manager, etc. He also served as the chief legal consultant of the Group concurrently during the period from July 2011 to January 2016. He was appointed as the general manager of the Company on 19 July 2016 and currently serves as directors of certain subsidiaries of the Company. He has 21 years of experience in the packaging industry. Mr. Zhang obtained an associate degree in physics from Shanghai Fudan University (上海復旦大學) in 1995, and obtained a bachelor degree in business management from the Continuing Education School of Shanghai Fudan University (上海復旦大學成人教育學院) in 1999.

                      Non-Executive Directors

                      Mr. LI Minghua Non-Executive Director
                      Mr. LI is appointed as a non-executive Director on 17 March 2020. Mr. Li had served as the general manager of the public relations department of China Foods Import and Export (Group) Co., Ltd. (中國糧油食品進出口(集團)有限公司) (currently known as COFCO Corporation) from August 2000 to April 2006; the deputy director of the strategy department and the general manager of the brand management department of China Foods (Group) Co., Ltd. (中國糧油食品(集團)有限公司) (currently known as COFCO Corporation) from April 2006 to October 2007; the deputy director of the research and development department and the general manager of the brand management department of COFCO Corporation from October 2007 to June 2008; and had served in the Party and mass discipline inspection and supervision department of COFCO Corporation from June 2008 to May 2019, and served as the chief officer of the Party and mass work department (corporate culture department). He has been the director of the human resources department of COFCO Corporation since June 2019. Mr. Li obtained a Master of Arts degree from Renmin University of China in July 1993 and a Master of Business Administration degree from China Europe International Business School in September 2009.


                      Mr. CHEN Qianzheng Non-Executive Director
                      Mr. Chen is appointed as a non-executive Director on 22 December 2016. Mr. Chen had served as a manager, assistant to general manager, deputy general manager and general manager successively at Wuhan COFCO Import and Export Co., Ltd. (武漢中糧進出口公司), a wholly owned subsidiary of China Foods Import and Export (Group) Co., Ltd. (中國糧油食品進出口(集團)有限公司)(currently known as COFCO Corporation), from Feb 1987 to May 2006. From May 2006 to July 2008, Mr. Chen worked at China Foods (Group) Co., Ltd. (中國糧油食品(集團)有限公司) (currently known as COFCO Corporation) as a general manager of its meat department. He was the deputy general manager and also serves as the general manager of the marking department, the general manager of the trading department and the deputy general manager of cold chain logistics department of COFCO Meat Investment Company Limited (中糧肉食投資有限公司) successively from July 2008 to November 2016. Mr. Chen received a bachelor degree from Huazhong Agricultural University (華中農業大學) in July 1985, and was accredited as a Senior International Business Engineer in May 2002.


                      Mr. ZHOU Yuan Non-Executive Director
                      ZHOU Yuan is a non-executive Director. Mr. Zhou Yuan was appointed as a non-executive Director of the Company in February 2016. Mr. Zhou Yuan was a vice chairman and a director of ORG, a listed company on Shenzhen Stock Exchange and a substantial shareholder of the Company, since November 2010 and as a director of Huang Shan NOVEL Company Limited (“Huang Shan NOVEL”), a listed company on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, since January 2016. Mr. Zhou Yuan received a Bachelor degree of Engineering (with Honours) in the field of Mechanical Engineering from Monash University in Australia in December 2010.


                      Mr. SHEN Tao Non-Executive Director
                      SHEN Tao is a non-executive Director. Mr. Shen was appointed as a non-executive Director in February 2016. Mr. Shen has had over 22 years of senior management experience in the packaging industry including acting as the general manager of Shanghai Shenjing Steel Processing Company Limited (上海申井鋼材加工有限公司), the general manager of Shanghai Baoyi Can Company Limited (上海寶翼製罐有限公司), the assistant general manager of Shanghai Baosteel Property Development Company Limited (上海寶鋼產業發展有限公司), and the assistant general manager of Baosteel mextal Company Limited (寶鋼金屬有限公司). Mr. Shen joined ORG in July 2008 and has been a director of ORG since October 2010. He worked as the vice general manager of ORG from October 2008 to February 2014, and has been the general manager of ORG since February 2014 and a director of HuangShan NOVEL since January 2016. Mr. Shen received a Master degree in Business Administration from Peking University in January 2015. He also obtained the qualification of senior business operator (高級經營師) from the Occupational Skill Testing and Instruction Centre of China* (中國商業職業技能鑒定指導中心) and State Senior Business Operator Assessment Committee* (全國高級經營師評審委員會) in March 2004.

                      Independent Non-Executive Directors

                      Mr. CHENG Yuk Wo Independent Non-executive Director
                      CHENG Yuk Wo is an independent non-executive Director. Mr. Cheng was appointed as a Director on 23 June 2008. Mr. Cheng is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, Canada. Mr. Cheng has over 20 years of experience in auditing, finance and business management. He has been the sole proprietor of Erik Cheng & Co., Certified Public Accountants in Hong Kong since 1999. Mr. Cheng is currently an independent non-executive director of the following companies which are listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”), included CSI Properties Limited, HKC (Holdings) Limited, C.P. Lotus Corporation, Chong Hing Bank Limited, Liu Chong Hing Investment Limited, Goldbond Group Holdings Limited, Chia Tai Enterprises International Limited, DTXS Silk Road Investment Holdings Company Limited (formerly known as UDL Holdings Limited) and Top Spring International Holdings Limited. Mr. Cheng was an independent non-executive director of Imagi International Holdings Limited from July 2010 to January 2016. In the last 3 years, Mr. Cheng was also an executive director of 21 Holdings Limited which is listed on the Stock Exchange. Mr. Cheng received a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Kent, England in 1983 and a master’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of London, England in 1984.


                      Mr. PUN Tit Shan Independent Non-executive Director
                      Pun Tit Shan is an independent non-executive Director. Mr. Pun was appointed as a Director on 1 September 2016. He holds a master of business administration degree (with honour) from the University of Manchester. Mr. Pun is currently the chief executive officer of Asia Wealth Securities Limited and was the chief investment officer of Astrum Capital Management Limited. He has over 31 years of experience in the finance field, such as strategic dealing and arbitraging in the derivatives market, sales and marketing management in the primary and secondary equity market and sales and assets managing of high net-worth clients and investment advisory.
                      Currently, he is the vice-chairman of Institute of Financial Analyst and Professional Commentator; a member of Lions Club of Hong Kong Shouson Hill and the Honorary Consultant of Hong Kong Ningxia Youth Association (香港寧夏青年會) since 2015. Mr. Pun was previously a board director of Hong Kong Futures Exchange Ltd. (1995-1999); a board director of Hong Kong Stock Exchange Options Clearing House Ltd. (1997-2000); a membership committee member of Hong Kong Securities Institute (1998-2002); a panel member of Derivatives Market Consultative Panel (2000-2003); and a committee member of Hong Kong Securities Institute Professional Education Committee (2002-2004).
                      Mr. Pun is currently an independent non-executive director of each of China New Economy Fund Limited (Stock Code: 80) and Convoy Global Holdings Limited (formerly known as Convoy Financial Holdings Limited) (Stock Code: 1019), the shares of all of which are listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange.


                      Mr. Chen Jihua Independent Non-executive Director
                      Chen Jihua is an independent non-executive Director. Mr. Chen was appointed as a Director on 2 July 2019. Mr. Chen had served as the financial director of Red Bull Vitamin Beverages Company Limited* (紅牛維他命飲料有限公司) from October 1995 to January 1998, the financial director of Saudi Arabia ALJ (China) Limited* (沙特阿拉伯ALJ(中國)有限公司) from September 1998 to June 1999; the vice president and financial director of Jitong Network Communications Holdings Company Limited* (吉通網絡通訊股份有限公司) from July 1999 to April 2001; the executive
                      director, vice president and financial director of Aluminum Corporation of China Limited (中國鋁業股份有限公司), a company listed on the Stock Exchange, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, from April 2001 to October 2010; the director of ABC-CA Fund Management Co., Ltd. (農銀匯理基金管理有限公司) from March 2008 to October 2010; the president of Aluminum Corporation of China Overseas Holdings Limited (中鋁海外控股有限公司) from May 2009 to October 2010 and the vice president of China Pacific Insurance (Group)
                      Co., Ltd. (中國太平洋保險(集團)股份有限公司), a company listed on the Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange, from January 2011 to October 2011. Mr. Chen has also served as the chairman of Beijing Houji Capital Management Co., Ltd* (北京厚基資本管理有限公司) since October 2011; the independent director of Shenzhen Chuangxin Hexin Fund Management Co., Ltd* (深圳創金合信基金管理公司) since July 2014; the independent director of China Railway Hi-tech Industry Corporation Limited (中鐵高新工業股份有限公司), a company listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, since January 2017 and the independent director of Huang Shan NOVEL Company Limited (黃山永新股份有限公司), a company listed on the
                      Shenzhen Stock Exchange, since June 2017. Mr. Chen received a master degree in accounting from Central University of Finance and Economic (中央財政金融學院) in March 1994. He is also a registered senior accountant in the PRC.

                      Senior Management

                      Mr. Shi Yu Deputy General Manager


                      Ms. Lv Qing Assistant General Manager


                      Ms. Yang Xiao Yan Deputy General Manager


                      Mr. Cheng Bincai Assistant General Manager


                      Mr. Zhao Wei Assistant General Manager


                      Mr. Gu Xiaolei Assistant General Manager


                      Ms. Huang Jin General Manager of Strategy Management


                      Mr. Yin Xiao Yu General Manager of Plastic Packaging Business Division

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